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    Are you tired of the volumes of junk mail and solicitations clogging your in-basket?

    How long does it take to sift through new mail to find anything business related?

    Does the content of these emails offend and/or concern your organization?
Creative Business Solutions can help you deal with all of these concerns as well as protect your email system against exposure, attacks, external threats, hoaxes and virus infiltration.

Our Security Service provides the following:

Anti-Spam filtering
Constant update of an anti-spam database assists in eliminating junk mail from your system. Spam consists of those messages offering low-rate mortgages, free cell phones, or obscene materials that are daily becoming more of a problem for most email systems.

While you personally may encounter only a few “spam” or junk email messages per day, so is every user in your organization. There are costs associated in dealing with those messages, including:
    - Time spent reading, deleting, or discussing junk email
    - Systems resources consumed (bandwidth for delivery, storage of junk email)
    - Legal costs of employee or student exposure to offensive or pornographic content
    - Requirements of policy or statutes that mandate user protection from offensive material.

Content Scanning Of Inbound Mail
Content management and filtering automatically stop emails that fall into the following categories. For example, the categories are automatically updated to include new hoaxes and chain mail, as they become prolific on the Internet. They can also be manually updated for specific issues as they arise.
    - Hoaxes
    - Chain mail
    - Pornography-related
    - Racial Discrimination
    - Sexual Discrimination
    - Block HTML Script Messages
    - Profanity

Email Virus Outbreak Protection
As new, fast-spreading viruses are detected, our system is updated to block these viruses so they are stopped before entering your mail system. Effective prevention is based on maintaining current viral references. Ours are updated on 15-minute intervals, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mass-Mailing Prevention
The email security suite provides protection against mass-mailing viruses such as “Melissa” and “I Love You” variants. This stops the virus before they reach your mail system and overwhelm it due to the prolific, rapid spreading nature of these viruses.

Anti-Virus Protection
87% of viruses infiltrate your internal systems through email*. Email Security Suite protects you against this infiltration with automatic virus pattern updates.

We will install and deploy these services for your organization or serve them up on a hosted basis for your convenience. Organizations take all shapes and sizes, and have a variety of needs and budget for dealing with technology. We have constructed a method to address the “try and buy” perspective as well as “I need it but I can’t afford it right now”. Our convenient hosted service allows for per user costing and scales to the big and the small requirements.

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*Study by ICSA labs, 2002
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