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Lotus Sametime | Software for Real-Time Collaboration & Messaging

Instantaneous Communication
Whether you need to communicate with your co-workers across the country or assist an online Web customers, Sametime places the power of instant communication in your hands. Send and receive instant text messages, share live documents and applications, coordinate chat sessions involving multiple people --- Sametime efficiently and effectively connects you to your business.

For more information about Sametime, please contact us or review the following .pdf files from Lotus Sametime.

Sametime Product Overview
The Lotus Sametime product family delivers real-time collaboration that's fit for business. This 4-page color brochure gives a detailed overview of the collaboration capabilities, features and benefits.

Sametime Application Development
The Sametime product family provides a robust platform for customizing and developing real-time collaboration applications. This 2-page data sheet provides information on the application development tools available to business partners and corporate developers.

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