Insurance Case Study  
Microsoft Case Study  

We recognize the need to provide creative solutions to a struggling economic climate. To
this need we have adopting a sheltered hosting environment to both "try before you buy"
as well as provide bridge technology for your organization to reach out to technology
solutions when it is of value in preserving efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our rich history of application development has resulted in solutions for:

Salesforce Automation & CRM
Account Management
Lease/Account Management

Domino Development

Document Management
Library/Information Repository
Right to Know

Construction Project Claims Tracking
Insurance Case Study

Admissions Tracking for Private K-12's
Student Web-Development Systems
End User Content Delivery to the Web

Microsoft Development
Custom Access, VB, SQL and IIS Development
Microsoft Case Study

DB2 to Web Integration
Microsoft SQL Server to Web Integration

Instant Messaging Integration

Websphere Development

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