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We realize that there are times when products and solutions do not achieve the appropriate goals. Our goal is your satisfaction and we will work with you to achieve this.

Our return and satisfaction policy are outlined below ....

      Fishel Information Systems dba Creative Business Solutions honors standard return policies of our suppliers (normal 30 days) for products sold and will work with our customer to strike a satisfactory solution. Re-stock charges (10-15%) may be utilized when basic return policies do not apply.

      Custom support, development and labor based consulting are more difficult. Since costs are incurred and there is not a tangible product to return, we work hard to maintain close communication with our clients/customers throughout the entire engagement and execution from estimate to actual services provided and then all subsequent invoicing. In addition, each of our customers receive detailed descriptions of each hour of service billed, so that we are able to address any questions or concerns regarding the invoiced amount prior to payments being processed.

      Any return or refund of service amounts would be determined on a case-by-case basis for each individual customer, and if it is determined that a refund is appropriate, we will refund the customer for the amount due based on their preferred method. (I.e. A refund of a payment received either by check or credit card, OR, as most of our customers prefer, a credit of the amount to carry forward toward a future service invoice.

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