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It is said that those organizations that handle information well internally and externally will grow and thrive throughout this millennium. Those that don't may survive, but in a greatly diminished capacity. Their efforts and resources will be expended in reactive efforts to "catch-up" to competitors and potential customers.

Since 1986, Creative Business Solutions has established a reputation for integrity, innovation, exceptional achievement and reliability. Creative Business Solutions concentrates on helping firms focus their resources on business productive systems without wasting time and resources on trial and error technology. We provide services that encompass the entire life cycle of systems development, from strategic planning to implementation and beyond. Systems are evolutionary in nature and must be built with your feet firmly planted in today while looking to tomorrow.

Our consultants use their skills to understand the unique information management challenges you face. This understanding leads to solutions that are flexible, adaptable and extendible over time. The systems process at Creative Business Solutions is one of identification of real issues, application of multiple disciplines to solution generation and applying our integration skills to the process of building the appropriate systems.

Creative Business Solutions strives to build the proper foundation and construct the framework necessary to move you into the future. We are experts in bridging components and gathering the proper team of professionals to serve you. Our experience in networking, communication and application selection/development is crucial to our success. Integration of information is often the most difficult process in developing a strategy for your organization.

Anticipating the future in today's dynamic business environment is a challenge. Creative Business Solutions is committed to providing you a long-term technology solution. A project is never complete until our consultants transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to your existing staff so your organization can take full advantage of the systems potential.

Because a consulting firm is only as good as its people, relationships are important to us. Relationships with clients... alliances with consultants... partnerships with technology providers. Creative Business Solutions has worked to develop a team of highly motivated information technology consultants who consistently reach for the stars. That's how we became a trusted resource to Fortune 500 companies and ambitious start-ups alike.

Long-standing alliances with our customers are nurtured in order to afford them the finest service possible. Creative Business Solutions' commitment to clients is to work together to build a lasting partnership that focuses on the customer.

Creative Business Solutions enters into strategic partnerships with selected technology providers to enhance the services we deliver to you. We pay close attention to the marketplace, interacting regularly with technology providers to ensure we remain on the cutting edge on innovative and effective developments.

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